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Type of Work

Web Design


Bass Bankers, a music label and production startup company, needed a platform to showcase their new releases and promote associated artists to their community as well as providing an eCommerce service to allow people to buy their content.

Key Feature

Music Player
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BassBankers allowed creative freedom allowing visualisation and creation of their brand from scratch. Following the logo design project (click here), a theme was developed around a black and white colour scheme, adding colour to important CTA’s, directing the user journey. The title font was passed over from the logo and the body font was Sans based, renowned for their clear reading and universal compatibility across devices and browsers.

As a music website, tit was imperative to submerge their community within the sounds of their label. This consisted of a built-in music player boasting continuous playback, unlimited downloads of free songs and structured around an eCommerce platform to allow users to purchase premium tracks. Other features included an events calendar, newsletter signup form and social integration on both a company level and an artist level.