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Web Design


CopyCoders was created to enable users to design aesthetic websites without the coding know-how. This was achieved by selecting pre-made templates, customising the content and finally copying the code into your desired web page/platform.

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Copy Coders Website
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Just like the idea of CopyCoders, the website had to be simple, clean and easy to use. A search and filter system was tailor made to curate content into standardised sections whilst allowing the user to filter through options on a comprehensive level. These sections were divided into common global website features whilst still relating to those with minimal coding knowledge. Posts and key words were then indexed to help promote the websites SEO visibility.

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Although CopyCoders is a free resource, the foundation of the project was built with the intention of creating user accounts where they could opt into a paid premium membership further down the line. This feature will include visibility to extended content, further style customisation features and the ability to change code within the website before exporting. CopyCoders was built with these features in mind, ready to make the switch to membership levels instantly.

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