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With Curvy Kate’s website taking off, a need was generated to keep our customers up to date with offers, content and new products hence email marketing was born. Using a market leading ESP, content was delivered 3 times a week.

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Curvy Kate Marketing Emails
Curvy Kate Marketing Email Subject Line

It was important to map out the user journey to better understand interactions which lead to a final purchase. The subject line, pre-header text and body content (design and marketing content/promos) all played pivotal roles in achieving this end goal. From a design perspective, CTA’s had to be clear, text had to be readable and images needed to wow the customer. Several messages were promoted in each newsletter, making branding and messaging even more essential.

Curvy Kate Marketing Emails

A set of rules were established with fonts, colours and layouts to ensure each newsletter was relatable to the last, creating a branded experience for the customer. It was important the messaging had a hierarchy to utilise the minimal user viewing time in order to grab their attention and progress their interest into a purchase. Finally the newsletter was divided into desktop and mobile versions to better accommodate the available space and size of the screen.

Curvy Kate Marketing Emails Mobile First