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Curvy Kate



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Web/Graphic/Logo Design


This model competition promoted everyday women to become the new face of the Curvy Kate brand each year, celebrating body confidence and diversity whilst building a community of all shapes and sizes. After 8 years of running the competition, a rebrand was long overdue.

Key Feature

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Star in a Bra 2017 - Rebrand
Searching for a model like you - Star in a Bra 2017

The redesign had a 3 pronged approach including the logo, website and promotional marketing material. Due to the regional location of this years competition being held in America, the decision was made to adapt the colour palette to include a blue colourway as a subconscious connection between the competition and the country. The fonts were updated to match the rebranding of the company holding the competition (Curvy Kate) to bring a similarity between the two.

Star in a Bra 2017 - Rebrand

Following the visual refresh of the competition, the marketing strategy was changed to appeal to a wider range of people, both young and old, by updating the slogan and wording of all marketing content. This rebrand presented the chance to unify all branches of the competition in order to provide a fluent, seamless, branded experience from start to finish.